Giovanni Vanni

Medico per professione, Scrittore per passione

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Medical Recognition


Following we have thought about underlining some of the criticisms that, professionals both in the medical field and in the technical field of the Orthodontic Science, have written towards the dott. Giovanni Vanni. This doesn't want to be neither a boast neither wants to be a kind of egocentric protagonism but, maids only to point out that despite the Orthodontic Science has made notable giant footsteps, the road from to cross is still long and that the contributions to its development can arrive from whoever and from every part of the world, as has made the dott. Vanni thanks to his passion for this science:

The Dr. Robert M. Ricketts, luminary of the world orthodontic science, writes:
" The dott. Giovanni Vanni has devoted his career to seek the influence of the posture of the apparatus skull - facial. Its contribution is unique. Its methods of orientation and recording are shown an unusual work ".

Alessandro Pozzi, president of the Leone S.p.a, leader in the realization of products for the orthodontics, in occasion of the publication of the clinical essay "Moderni_concetti_di_diagnosi_ortodotica" edit by Edizioni Martina di Bologna, in a missive sent to the dott. Giovanni Vanni, writes:
" Dear Giovanni, the friend Alfredo Martina has sent to me your book. As it should never be done, me, curious, I have quickly skimmed through him and curiosity immediately is increased. I have begun therefore to read it,weighing first the words of Ricketts and then those of Caprioglio, and as has aroused in me an emotion due certainly to the ancient friendship that ties to us, but also to the concepts, to the iconografy and the memory, if want, of yours first publications on the Bulletin of Orthodontic Information. Here meeting all, from the concepts of the occlusion to the evaluation of the models, to the analysis of Bolton, to the tables of Pont that have been the base of my modest orthodontic culture.But meeting, described here then, analyzed, taught, yours system of diagnosis to which has devoted the whole your life of professional. And whether to say of the "cartoons" of Rapisardi! They relieve underlining the job of the orthodontist".

Daniele Benatti, president of the ORTEC, thanking the dott. Vanni for his profitable share to the 2°C.O.E. held him in France in 1992, he writes:
" Dear Giovanni, desires to thank you to name my personnel and of the whole ORTEC, to have brightly contributed to the success of the 2° C.O.E. of Paris. How President ORTEC is honored of to have brought, thanks to you, a qualified contribution highly in Orthodontic Europe."



After so many years of teaching to the Odontotecnic institute of State in Catania, later to be graduated him in medicine specializing in odontostomatology to the university of the Studies in Catania, the dott. Vanni has almost entirely devoted his activity to the study and the development of the orthodontic technique also collaborating with numerous manufacturing firms of orthodontic products as technical advisor. Innumerable they are the conferences and the courses in which the same has participated as chairman and teacher beginning from the years 80 both Italia that abroad. Brought following, we show the list of some of the conferences reported by the dott. Vanni, with the relative reasonings:

- In the two years 1983/84 the Sirio s.r.l. has held a series of lectures where among the chairmen there was also the dott. Vanni with the theme:
" The recidivists in orthodontics and the means to oppose her "

- To the XIX° Congress National of the Technical Italian Ortodontistis organized by the ORTEC held to Taormina in May 1987 where the dott. Vanni has introduced the innovation terapeudica from himself created denominated 3F (3 functions) Device Auxiliary Disconnectable.

- In the January of 1988 to the Cultural meeting Organized by the Dental Iusco S.R.L., the dott. Vanni has intervened as chairman with the matter:
" Orthodontics: the problem of the space "

- To the seminar of kept Orthodontics to Bergamo in the December 1989 organized by the T.P.Italia s.r.l., the dott. Vanni has held a course of orthodontic improvement for physicians and dentists, inherent the varied philosophies and orthodontic techniques because of inevitable lacks of base.

- In October of 1990 the dott. Vanni has been guest to the II Congress Italo-Hungarian of Medicine Surgery and dentistry, estate to Rome I press the academy of Hungary to the Building Falconers.

- In May 1991, a notable contribution is furnished by the dott. Vanni to the 1° Seminar of Kinesiografy organized to Perugia with the patronage of the Odontoiatric Clinical of the university of the Studies of Perugia.

- In the July 1992 to the VIII I meet I.O.T. kept to Montecatini Terme has reported on the theme:
" Loss of the space in the dental arcades "

- To the 2° C.O.E. (Congrès Orthec Europèen) in said to Vanves (France) in 1992 the dott. Giovanni Vanni intervenes reporting with the matter: "Analyse et rattrapage du pèrimètre d'arcade" .

- To the International Congress devoted to the New Frontiers Odontostomatologics, repoerted with the Patronage of the order of the Medical Surgeons and Dentists of Milan, held him to Baveno (VB) in May 1992, the dott. Vanni has introduced the matter " Postural Attitudes and Orthodontic Recidivists ".

- In the June 1994 in the course of updating for technical Italian ortodontistis organized by the ORTEC the dott. Vanni has held a course on the matter " Fundamental Concepts and Orientations of Orthodontic Technique "

- In May 1994 the L.O.R.I. it organizes the course of orthodontics held by the dott. Vanni collaborated by the dott.ssa Monica Prampolini dentist of Modena, with which has also written the clinical text ,
" Moderni_concetti_di_diagnosi_ortodontica ", on the matter " Modern concepts in diagnosis and orthodontic therapy: introduction, questions and proposals."

- In the September 1995 to Modena, the dott. Vanni together with the dott.ssa Prampolini, holds the practical theoretical course of orthognatodontics with the collaboration of NOVAXA Orthodontics S.R.L.

-In September 1996, the BIOTRONIC S.R.L. organizes in Bologna the seminar open on the theme New concepts and technical-philosophical evolution of the ortognatodontics, where the dott. Vanni, as component of the Group of the 13 Friends intervenes, with the matter: " The technician's role in the postural bad occlusionis."

- In April 1997 the TE OR S.R.L. of Rimini with the collaboration of NOVAXA Ortodonzia, organizes The Orthodontic Evenings where the dott. Giovanni Vanni has introduced " The contention post-treatment in ortognatodontic ".

- In March 2001, near the civil hospital of Udine, together with the dott. Bruno Portholes and to the dott. Maurice Zanardi, illustrates " The Dynamic Effects on the Postural Equilibrium."

- In September 2001, the Italian Society of odontostomatologia of the Sport organizes near the I.S.I. of Milan, the Course of Updating where the dott. Giovanni Vanni relationship on the theme " Occlusion and posture: modern concepts of diagnosis and therapy."

-To the II° Congress National organized in Rome by the association Italian Pedro Planas in November 2002 the dott. Vanni has intervened on the theme " Comparisons radiografics and cefalometrics of the orthodontic diagnosis according to Planas, some diagnostic considerations and terapeudics."

-In November 2003, to the III° Congress National, always organized by the association Italian Pedro Planas, held to Order Florentine (FI), the dott. Vanni has illustrated " The evolution of the diagnosis and the therapy in the syndrome algico-disfunzionale."

- In 2004, near the clinical odontoiatric of Spalato, has held the course " new concepts of dento-facial orthopedics."

-In December 2006, the dott. Vanni participates in the Conference of ortognatodonzia organized by the F.I.O.P. (Fondation Institute of Orthognatology Prosthodontics) held to Sibiu (Romania) where has introduced " The Bioprogressive Philosophy of Roberts M. Ricketts : Diagnostic aspects and terapeudics."

- In February 2009, the dott. Vanni receives the Diploma with Plate from the Rector of the University of Timisoara (Romany) for the course " Disfunzioni cranio-mandibolo-cervicali - diagnosi e terapia ".