Giovanni Vanni

Medico per professione, Scrittore per passione

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Orthodontic Manuals


The dott. Giovanni Vanni has furnished a notable contribution in the evolution of the study of the orthodontic science. Some of his clinical texts, as "Moderni concetti di diagnosi ortodontica" edit from Editions Martina of Bologna, or as his monograph "Manuale di Terapia Ortodontica" adopted from a lot of Italian universities, constitute an important finish in the diagnosis and in the care of the orthodontic malformations. Numerous are the recognitions that the dott.Vanni has received from luminaries of the orthodontic science of the whole world as, the prof.Damaso_Caprioglio and the dott.Robert_M._Ricketts, for his studies and for his appointment.

moderni concetti di diagnosi ortodontica
This, the prefation of "Moderni_concetti_di_diagnosi_ortodontica", written by dott. Robert M.Ricketts, considered one of the maximum exponents of the world orthodontic science: " The dott. Giovanni Vanni has devoted his career to seek the influence of the posture in the development of the skull-facial apparatus. Its contributionis only. Its methods of orientation and recording are shown an unusual work. The functionalism goes up again to the beginning of the orthodontics. A functional characteristic or habit had been looked for as eziologic factor for every condition of bad-occlusion.
If the cause were functional then a connection of the function was thought pits the care. The methods of treatment consisted in the " bite-jumping ", repositioning and extra-oral tractions mostlycontemplated mandibler to the relationship. From the 1900 third ten adifferent way of thinking was manifested. Il dott. D'Arcy W.Thompson considered the orientation of the Cartesian coordinates. The orientation of the Plan of Francoforte characterized the gnatostatic analysis that was proposed then by the dott. Paul Simon.The comparisons cefalometrics of the children through radiographies, put to by the dott. H.Broadbents, said a established order in the facial growth. The dott. A.Brodie continued the longitudinal analyses on the same subjects and his discoveries they brought to a constancy of the schemes of growth. It was obvious that this idea was founded on the prominence of the gnomonic characters of the calvaria of the nasal capsule, but it was not so dramatic when measured for the jaw and the inferior facial height..........Besides some discoveries have brought to believe that the techniques employees for the orthodontic correction had little effect on the basal skeletal strutttures. The aforesaid discoveries contributed to change the diagnoses for genetic factors. The matrix was inherited. The bad occlusione came, therefore, inherited. This moved interest away from attempts to analyze the whole body. The limitation dominated theorthodontic profession. Everything was not all right. It was clear that the kinetic chain or a system of kinetic chains, they surrounded the head as proposed by Brodie. The functional environment is investigated. Schemes of respiraton, of swallowing and movement mandibolare was investigated withthe electro-miografy and with the cine-radiography. Congenital deformations and displasy, in the syndromes, they required answers. The surgery was more and more used to try to establish better the proportions among the parts.
The syndrome of the long face and the open skeletal bite was proposed and the clinicians turned to the surgery to resolve her. From this limited concept some investigators recognized in the growth, the wisdom of the correction. While the most rapid growth and the development, took place. The juvenile patient became the aim. The purpose turned to the correction of structures and the creation of opportunity to normalize the function.The results revealed how patient from obstruction of the respiratory streets they also changed the posture of the head. The relationship of the language to the maxillary arc was gotten by the postural rotation to cervical level. These detailed discoveries opened the door to the reconsideration of the limited genetic concept. From these presuppositions the authors have developed their searches. It's another footstep in the long series of events in the orthodontic progress".
The "Manual_of_Orthodontic_Therapy" written in 1988, it is to everything actual today and it represents the strive of an enormous job since, besides the didactic value, it brings some innovations of the author, so much that this monograph, whose validity is recognized by the dr. Robert M. Ricketts, was to his included among the university texts by the University of the Studies in Bologna.
manuale di terapia ortodontica con dedica di Ricketts
Sindrome dell'ATM bruxismo
Tracciato cefalometrico in norma frontalis
il V.T.O. Menageriale
But his quivering work is not stopped here so much that in 1989 broadly describes the pathology of the bruxismo with his monograph " Sindrome_dell'A.T.M.-Bruxismo ".
In 1993 the doctor G.Vanni pubblics "Il_Tracciato cefalometrico_in_norma_frontalis" and in 1998 pubblics the university manual " Il V.T.O.menageriale " adopted from the students of the course post university of Udine.