Giovanni Vanni

Medico per professione, Scrittore per passione

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Diagnostic Innovations

The orthodontic science during the decades has suffered a notable evolution.

The dott. Giovanni Vanni, has devoted big part of his career to the analysis of the causes of the orthodontic malformations. The careful and meticulous analysis of the on 3 fundamental points that depart from the study of the problem since the young age of the patients:

  • The first point and the most important , is certainly represented by the importance of the precocious visit of child, since from the first infancy and in deciduous teething, also recognizing in the careful study of the growth and his least, and at times few perceptible deviations of the norm, the premonitory or initial signs of a lot of bad occlusions.
  • The second point is constituted from a diagnosis, limited not to the analysis of the oral cable or to the cefalic part and facial skull of child, but to a " olistic diagnosis " and that is a careful and precise analysis of every single part of the whole organism.
  • The third point is represented by the made possession the study of the Cefalometric Layout, both in " lateralis norm " how frontal, as well as the analysis of the models as diagnostic elements of differentiation, of easy learning.

From it, numerous they are the diagnostic innovations, synthetically bring , that the dott. Vanni, in the arc of his career, has introduced in the study of the orthodontic analysis and that today they represent a base in the didactic one of the subject:


VTO Occlusale

Evaluation of the space of the dental arcades through the simulation of the alignment of the same.

Fotocopia dei modelli Diagramma Occlusale di C. Gugino Progressione dell'allineamento simulato


Allineamento simulato completo Sovrapposizione che consente la valutazione dello spazio e l'obiettivo pianificato

Sovrapposizione Occlusale

Evaluation of the axial relationships of the dental arcades.

Fotocopia dei modelli coi 4 punti di Repere dell'occlusione segnati Ricalco dei denti delle due arcate coi 4 punti di Repere

Sovrapposizione delle arcate utilizzando i 4 punti di Repere.

Tale sovrapposizione consente la valutazione assiale delle arcate e di osservare la malocclusione, altrimenti possibile se pure confuse col tracciato sub-mento-vertice


Disegno dei due pentagoni sulla fotocopia Sovrapposizione dei pentagoni (per chi desideri una versione schematica delle due arcate osservate assialmente)

(Tale metodica venne proposta dal dott. Vanni in occasione del Congresso dell'Ortec-club a Taormina nel 1990)


Evaluation skull-mandibolo-cervico-ioidea with addition of personal values. (article published on the "Corriere Ortodontico" July-September 2003)

The movement of the jaw has a correlation with the cervical district and therefore with the rachid in all. It is verified that on the occasion of pathologies of the ATM the alterations functional they have wide correlations, both that they are directly originated in the stomatognatic apparatus, both that they originate from districts distant to this same. It is spoken to these cases of ascending or descending alterations. The importance of this distinction is fundamental to establish a correct diagnosis and therefore a reliable plan of treatment.

Is correct to think therefore whether to appraise a problem of the stomatognatic apparatus am not owed to us to limit to observe only the mouth, on the contrary the whole rest of the organism. It's by now discounted how much the knowledge of the etiologic factor , kept in the proper consideration in this methodic, is conclusive to establish a diagnosis. It's for this motive that different Authors have proposed methodic fit to establish when the nature of the problem is ascending, descending or local. Unfortunately the methodic ones till now you they are able only partly to result reliable, both because in different cases the scientific demonstrations are scarce and lacunose, both because in the search of the etiologic factor is had to also hold account some mixed problem list. The study of these problem list is extremely complex, also because the compensations of the human body are often unpredictable.. The capacity and the confinements of the omeostasi are today still all to discover. Disparate and sometimes controversial they are the interpretations and the classifications of the pathologies from the different Schools. The dott. Vanni, using of the concept " form-function ", has set a methodic that, besides the postural layout, it is used of other checks, drawing cosè mostly dates reliable on the nature of the problem.



Among varied elements employed in the diagnostic observation, the layout of the ortopanoramic, able to underline possible structural variations of the jaw, allows to retrieve useful elements to understand the presence of a problem of disfonctional nature.(art. published on the "Corriere ortodontico" march-april '04)

Prerogative of the stomatognatic apparatus is the movement, therefore, the diagnosis orthodontic it has to spring from a dynamic observation, also using finds static, as: radiographies, photos and chalk models. The conflict among the geneticists whose extended it sustains that the variations structural is primarily referable to factors genetic and the funzionalistis that, contrarily they sustain, that such variations are mostly referable to factors functional, is always opened.Many of us, not dogmatizzati and therefore fluctuating among these two tides, are convinced that from the structure is been able to go up again to the function.

-The structures speak.It's necessary to try understand her-

The Layout of the Ortopanoramic is mainly born from the concepts of the rehabilitation neuro-occlusal of Pedro Planas.


Observation of the subject one under the transversal profile

The dott. Vanni proposes the concept according to which a bad-occlusion is realized on all the plans of the space, even if it is mostly observable on a only plan.For this motive we should learn to often consider the deviations under the transversal and axial profile that few times are considered.A bad interpretation of the classification of Angle has wanted our investigation to primarily be directed on the sagittal deviations .

This observation can to seem exaggerated but we think how many times are asked there suggestions to resolve the IIs and III classes, or for the ipos or iperdivergences, in comparison to the transversal deviations and above all to those axial that few times are considered.

The relationship among the wrong posture on the frontal plan and axial and the bad occlusion transversal it is for the most part evident if it is gone to consider the position of the patient on the posturoscopy and it is compared to the evaluation of the models in chalk, of the posture, of the language and of the radiographies.Any bad occlusiones it is realized on all the plans of the space, even if it results mostly observable on an only plan.

Osservazione del soggetto sotto il profilo trasversale