Giovanni Vanni

Medico per professione, Scrittore per passione

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The Stories


The dott. Giovanni Vanni, after years of honorable career to the service of the orthodontic science, to which it has given a notable contribution, after having for so to say hung the white uniform to the nail, currently occupying of post-university clinical and didactic consultation, it has been being devoted for a few years to his great passion, literature, composing passages of fiction and poetries some of which, are already rewarded by the criticism literary national of numerous contests to which, the same, has participated.

His fervent literary activity , become by now more than a passion, has received a vast echo in the specialistic sector, so much to be gotten wide space in the portal Italian web, devoted to the poetry and the literature, denominated " poeti - poesia ", that has devoted to him varied pages, in which it's possible to take ample vision of his literary works.

Some stories of his, inspired some by moments of life lived by the same author and others by the pure imagination, are also present on numerous anthologies. One of them, "Piripcchio" has recently received a notable success from the criticism so much to be awarded the 3° place to the XIII edition of the International Literary Prize "City of Melegnano" for the the narrative section.

In July 2007, the dott.Vanni has published his first novel, " The Revolution of Festalia " edit by A&B Editrice of Rome.

La Rivoluzione di Festalia- Giovanni Vanni
"La Rivoluzione di Festalia"

" The man is prey of his same life, that someone calls destiny, that commands with out to give him void. The episode from which he takes I sprout the novel is invented, but possible. So many other events as this are really happened, so many circumstances are realize so, more from the case brought by the nature of the man, that from his determination. In the History the human circumstance is cyclically repeated, and although changes the sceneries storms and the techniques logistics,the human heart doesn't change his to feel. We are to the beginning of 800. The principal characters of the novel, the physician and the commander, are used
each according to own formation and own mistakes so that a revolt bursted doesn't hand sheddingof blood. Two atypical people to the taking with the people of that time,dressed and assumed in different way, but mentally identical to that of our time.Rivalry, games to be able, intrigues and wars are alternated in the novel. Men more powerful persons will mark the future, bossy men will impart prizes and punishments. Characters will mark deeply the events, others will disappear without leaving trace; as it happens in the life, it happens in this book."

In 2009, Giovanni Vanni publishes his second book, " Medici in seconda linea ", edit by BONANNO Editore that, otherwise from his first work, it tells of facts and anecdotes really happened and lived by the same author during his life and career.
medici in seconda linea - giovanni vanni
" Medici in seconda linea "

"For a while the figure of the physician is object of discussion. According to the patients, the relationship existing once between physician and patient is only a memory. According to the physicians, today it is forbidden to be wrong and the risk is constant to go in front of the judge. There is today who visit for telephone and it administers medicines to everything I flatten with the purpose to safeguard the really calm one to live, but there is also who skips an easy profit and it sometimes risks the life to help who has more need.
You says that the oath of Ippocrate is forgotten by now, the modernità  seems to have passed us above the scolorina. Still however there is who believes it.

“Medici in seconda linea”
it is a series of stories that you/they bring for the more experiences directly lived. Also those little bring they are reliable entirely because told by colleagues worthy of trust.
Here we will find characters of all the types: virtuous, pleasant, pathetic, tragic, venal, heroic. We will live strange experiences, humorous, ridiculous financo; we will consider with wonder or nostalgia the lived of certain physicians of family of once and we will appreciate, up to the emotion, operates him of voluntary physicians that their floods give umanità  hands.
I have wanted to propose these clippings of mine of life, for my satisfaction, but also because I believe that can be useful to someone.
The experiences of the other ones always offer something positive and in the life there is so much to learn.

The most discordant characters lean out in this scenery that he/she sees scheming, missionary, profiteers, wicked, virtuous, implicated in the various vicende. s
With these stories, the author proposes him to stimulate in the reader the attention for certain physicians, not certain in first line as those people who operate in the third world, nevertheless, deserving of consideration for the professional serietà  and for the human relationship, today unfortunately, more and more carente."