Giovanni Vanni

Medico per professione, Scrittore per passione





Giovanni Vanni is born to Castelnuovo Val of Cecina (Pi) on 27 aprile 1935. Today alive in Sicily and precisely to Mascali (CT), a small center to the slopes of the Etna.

During his life he has changed more times residence in different parts of the peninsula developing manifold activities as propagandist, technical-tooth, teacher, before taking the

degree in medicine and to develop the profession of ortodentist.

Currently it unwinds activity  of clinical advisor and of didactic post-university, holding courses near centers specialized studies whose planning can be viewed in the section medicine planning raced. Author of numerous clinical-scientific articles also published on numerous magazines specialized is author of clinical-text and numerous present monographs on varied physician-scientific encyclopedias.

From about three years it is devoted to the literature composing passages of fiction, stories and poetries. His first novel "The Revolution of Festalia" has been published in July 2007 by A&BEditrice of Rome.

Recently have gotten varied recognitions in varied national contests and some works of his already show up in different encyclopedias.In 2009, Giovanni Vanni publishes his second book, " Medici in seconda linea ", edit by BONANNO Editore that, otherwise from his first work, it tells of facts and anecdotes really happened and lived by the same author during his life and career.

His fervent literary activity , become by now more than a passion, has received a vast echo in the specialistic sector, so much to be gotten wide space in the portal Italian web, devoted to the poetry and the literature, denominated " poeti - poesia ", that has devoted to him varied pages, in which it's possible to take ample vision of his literary works.