Giovanni Vanni

Medico per professione, Scrittore per passione

Terapeudic Innovations


In the years 80, the dott. Giovanni Vanni, strong of his decennial experience before how technician and then as orthodontist, elaborated and conceived a device that he same denominated 3F (three functions), so called really for his versatility to acquit the three principal functions of the stomatognatic apparatus.
The three principal functions acquitted in conclusion by the device 3F are:
- Transversal expansion;
- Sagittal expansion;
- Distalizzation of the molars.
dispositivo 3 Funzioni
zona anteriore con il 3F applicato
In reality the device 3F, allow numerous other functions, what:

- the multiple expansion or of sectors of arcade;
- the anchorage;
- the grip for the traction maxillary;
- the de-rotation of the molars.
The control of the gotten results, is monthly performed with the help of a compass or of an orthodontic caliber.
Dispositivo 3F sulla cannula molare
- It develops a continuous action and it develops light strengths, easily programmable;
- It occupies little space and it is well born from the fabrics;
- It results of easy application from the patient;
- It doesn't interfere with the structures of the apparatus in action;
- It leaves completely frees the language, therefore, not interferes with the receptors of the same one;
- It allows opportune activations but, above all, it has a cost of little cents.
Molla applicata al dispositivo 3F